Jamaican Patois Creole Is A Popular Course At York University, Canada

The students who enroll in the Latin American and Caribbean Studies program at York University are required to study a language spoken in the region other than English to obtain a graduate degree. While the university offered Spanish, French and Portuguese, students questioned why Creole wasn’t offered as well. In response to their questions, Dr. Michele Johnson, who was born in Jamaica and who coordinates the Latin American and Caribbean Studies program at York, contacted Hubert Devonish, head of the University of the West Indies Mona Jamaican Language Unit to find out if anyone there would like to design aJamaican Patois Creole course to be used by York students. He chose Clive Forrester, a graduate student at UWI who was teaching linguistics courses there as well as academic writing at the University of Technology. Forrester, who had planned to stay just one year in Canada, designed an introductory course for students to teach them basic skills. The course was so successful that he decided to return for a second year. After a third year of success, Forrester applied for permanent residency and suggested an additional that involves a summer in Jamaica learning about the language and culture. Because there is a severe shortage of qualified interpreters of Jamaican patois in the province, Forrester is now considering a blended program to correct this situation that could be delivered via the Internet and through face-to-face instruction. The lack of patois interpreters has had a negative impact on Jamaicans in the legal system. York is the only academic institution outside Jamaica that offers courses in Jamaican Creole.

This video was made by the students in a class taught by Professor Clive Forrester at York University in Toronto, Canada. It serves to educate the public on Jamaican Creole.

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ENG: It’s been a long time since I have seen you girl.
JAM: Gal yuh noh dead yet?

ENG: Oh Lord, we have lost electricity again.
JAM: Lawd …..current lack aff again.

ENG: This meal is not too bad.
JAM: Di food can eat.

ENG: Where did you buy that awful Bracelet Cindy?
JAM: A weh yuh buy dat deh big ole ugly bangle deh misis?

ENG: Hors d’oeuvres
JAM: Ah wah dis likkle sinting you a gi me?

ENG: Here kitty kitty… get down from the roof.
JAM: Hey dutty puss come aff a di house tap!

ENG: I think something is wrong with Susan, she might have the flu.
JAM: Lawd gad obeah tek up Suzie!

ENG: Oh my God, I just broke mom’s expensive plate!
JAM: Lawd mi gad, mi bruk up mama stoosh crackry!

ENG: aren’t those pants a bit short?
JAM: you did a expect flood or yuh tek yuh measurment inna wata?

ENG: Why are you squeezing the mangoes like that?
JAM: Lissen to mi nuh, mi a beg yuh stap fingle-fingle up di mango dem.

ENG: Sir, please don’t throw my luggage like that.
JAM: Aye buff teet bwoy, tap fling up-fling up mi bag dem suh man.

ENG: I wish you would quit lying.
JAM: Tap di blinkin lyin, yuh ole liyad.

ENG: Lift up the hood of the car for me John.
JAM: Hey my yute, fly di bonett rasta!

ENG: I am Waiting for a taxi and it’s taking so long!
JAM: But wait, no Robot naah run todey!

ENG: Get me a pop please.
JAM: Beg yuh carry wan drinks fi mi deh

ENG: It’s time for a Perm.
JAM: Gal yuh head waan Cream, yuh noh si how it tough?

ENG: Yuck!! This is nasty.
JAM: Kiss mi neck back!! What a sinting tase bad an

ENG: I wish you would close your mouth.
JAM: yuh mout come in like when grip cyaan shut.

ENG: Girl, your acne is terrible.
JAM: Massa gad, pickney, yuh face bumpy-bumpy an fayva grayta eeh

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