In dedication of his 70th birthday Bob Marley’s Could You Be Loved in acapella

In dedication of his 70th birthday Bob Marley’s Could You Be Loved in acapella! A must see!

Today we celebrate the birthday of a legend. Who is that legend you might ask, well…the term is used rather loosely nowadays, but in the days that this man walked the earth, to be called a LEGEND meant something. The music from his era is today still some of the most copied and sought after work that anyone has ever produced. They did not know it then, but these trailblazers were trendsetters. Ok! We get it you say! Now who is it?

It is no other than the one and only, Rastafari, Rasta, Dreadlocks, Natty Dread, One Love general: BOB MARLEY

February 6, 2015 marks the 70th birthday of the legend who met a early demise on May 11, 1981 to cancer. He was 36. However, don’t think that this was a life of 36 years that went by without making a statement. Definitely not! Bob Marley as we know him today created a niche for himself and his country, Jamaica, within the world of music. From tours to magazine covers, radio shows, to albums, Bob became Jamaica’s biggest star. Never before had anyone stepped to the forefront and etch their name into the logs of reggae music as much as he did. His songs were captivating, soulful, heart rending, not too complicated, catchy, with a make you wanna rock kinda vibe. It was nothing overbearing and forceful like the music of today. Bob Marley made music that would live on forever with simple phrases such as “One Love,” “Stir It Up,” “Redemption Song,” and “Turn Your Lights Down Low.”

Robert Nesta Marley was a man of simple creative talents, but he used those gifts to create a name that will live on forever. Thirty-four years after his death we all talk of Bob Marley as if he released his albums yesterday, because when you talk about timeless music, Bob comes to mind.

So today we say, big up and long live the true legend of reggae on this his 70th birthday.

Throwback Video Bob Marley New Zealand Interview 1979

Yes, well, I see myself as a revolutionary. You cant get any help, and I don’t take any bribe from anyone, I fight it single handed – with music! Rasta is the future – You see? Yes, rasta is the future, that’s good…

Excellent Interview from the Great Bob Marley

Bob: Herbs a plant. Why these people that wants to do so much good for everyone calling themselves governments and this and that. Why they say you must not use the herb? You say um um we find that you mustn’t use it because IT MAKES YOU REBEL..AGAINS T WHAT? AGAINST MEN WHO ARE SCRAVEN/CRAVEING (NOT SURE)Dem(they) crave for material things to captivate your mind and want to tell you, you have to work and put you on pension and THEY keep it all. So herb make you look upon yourself instead of you wanting to work for the man (greedy corrupt governments) AND YOU WANT TO BE ONE OF THE MAN TOO! Not in the sense of how him is but in the sense of why you have to bow to these things.

The media part: Bob: MEDIA! As If I ran(own) a newspaper I would do allot of interviews, because what I want to say would get across. If/when I talk to someone it goes to someone and they inherited to fit their business, and if too militant and they try for to spread a type of propaganda I mean media is media

Bob said That the government basically created a false reality in that we have to work, in order to get pension, health care, because they planted a seed of greed within us so we dwell on materialistic things. While the government at the end takes everything. Herb makes you meditate and realize life and then makes you rebel! The media are just propaganda if you own a media outlet you would use it to get your own ideas to influence the news.

Bob Marley Is Blamed For Teenage Drug Use In Kerala, India

Bob Marley has been dead for almost 33 years, but it appears police in Kerala, India are putting the blame on the late reggae singer, when it comes to teenage drug use.


A report from the The Times of India states that police in Kerala have made attempts to make the city safer by seizing marijuana and other recreational drugs during raids. But, along with drugs, police have confiscated anything that has an image of the marijuana plant, as well as anything that has an image of Bob Marley. This includes T-shirts; bumper stickers; key chains; and bracelets.

Marley fans know that he was a proponent of the drug, and a report from The Inquisitr states that he even used it during Bible discussions. But some Kerala residents believe that Marley should not be brought up, when it comes to raising awareness about drug use amongst teens in India.

“Please keep Bob Marley away from the issue,” said one person, who was listed as Kevin in the report.

Kevin added that he doesn’t find marijuana symbols “attractive.”

“If you like such tees, wear it in a country where marijuana is legalized,” he said. “You don’t have to show the world that you are smoking up and that’s why you are so cool. It’s a stupid thing to do.”

bob marley ganja

NG Suhruth Kumar, a civil police officer, told Indian magazine Open that they “have caught around 200 students for using ganja.” And a lot of them had something related to the reggae icon, when they were caught.

“Most of them had Bob Marley songs on their cell phones, and stickers of marijuana leaves on their bikes. These children are attracted to drugs by Bob Marley songs,” Kumar said.

Police in Thrissur and Thiruvananthapuram have raided any shops that sell T-shirts, key chains, and bracelets that feature Bob Marley. One unnamed street vendor in Thrissur didn’t know who Marley was, but he has noticed that T-shirts with an image of the late reggae singer have been a “huge demand” for teenagers.

“I have been selling T-shirts for more than 15 years,” he said. “I never knew that this man is trouble, and that selling such T-shirts is a crime.”

He has temporarily closed his shop out of fear of being cited by police under Section 3 (1) Young Persons (Harmful Publication) Act of 1956, which prevents the “the dissemination of certain publications harmful to young persons.”

Activist and filmmaker KP Sashi calls the whole thing “ridiculous.”

“If the police want to fight marijuana dealers, they should do it more smartly,” Sashi said. “Chasing Bob Marley lovers in disguise in a drive against drugs is nothing short of cultural policing. These cops don’t know anything about Bob Marley; they think that he was only a guy who promoted drugs.”

And even though this issue has received plenty of criticism, Suhruth Kumar said police won’t drop their belief that Marley is part of the marijuana problem.

“Bob Marley might be a good musician, but it is indeed true that the drug mafia is using him as an idol to sell their products,” he said. “When we interrogated them, we understood that many of these youngsters addicted to drugs are Bob Marley fans. His song, Ganja Gun, has been found on the mobile phones of several of these young people.”

Some students in Fort Kochi have launched a “Save Bob Marley” movement. One student, Anuraj K, said that none of the students in the area are “addicted to drugs” because of Bob Marley.

“We see his music in connection with the call for freedom of the oppressed, and not with the promotion of drugs,” he said.

K added that he plans on wearing a Bob Marley T-shirt every day in protest against the police.

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