5 The World’s Coolest Bridges that can be climbed

Many cities in the world that have the iconic bridge . Golden Gate Bridge , for example , became the most popular icons in the U.S. city of San Francisco . You know, some of the iconic bridge in the world can be climbed travelers . It’s 5 of them .

1 . Sydney Harbour Bridge ( Sydney , Australia )

Sydney Harbour BridgeFrom a distance , the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge looks aligned with the Sydney Opera House nearby. Do not just be seen , try hiking the City of Sydney ‘s iconic bridge . Yes , you can do so through several tours.

BridgeClimb for example , fix the price of AU $ 218 for adults and AU $ 148 for the kids . Sydney city view from up here , guaranteed to be amazing !

2 . Brisbane Story Bridge ( Brisbane , Australia )

brisbane bridgeStill in Australia , Brisbane City also had to climb the iconic bridge travelers . His name is Story Bridge , which can be climbed through several tours.

Story Bridge Adventure Climb for example , fix the price of AU $ 75 for adults and AU $ 63 for children . Fun again , you are allowed to climb during the night . Look directly twinkling lights reflected in the Brisbane City Moreton Bay .

3 . Auckland Bridge Climb ( Auckland , New Zealand )

Auckland BridgeIn addition to beautiful scenery , the cities in New Zealand are also engrossed explored . Auckland , for example , had the iconic bridge that tourists can climb .

Auckland Bridge Climb directly overlooking Waitemata Harbour . Some sightseeing tour of NZ $ 120-150 to fix prices for tourists . If you feel brave enough , you can also directly bungee jumping !

4 . Akashi Kaikyo Bridge ( Awaji , Japan )

Akashi Kaikyo BridgeAkashi Kaikyo Bridge , also known as the Pearl Bridge , is the largest suspension bridge in the world . This bridge connects Awaji Island and Akashi city in mainland Japan .

To climb , tourists have to book sightseeing tours aikyo Akashi Bridge – Bridge World . During the hike , you will also be told about the secret technology and the history of this bridge .

5 . Tower Bridge ( London , England )

Tower BridgeTower Bridge is one of the bridges , as well as towers , the most famous  in the world . Tourists can ride the elevator straight to the top , walk along the bridge 42 meters above the River Thames .

No need for a sightseeing tour up to the Tower Bridge . You simply pay the ticket by 8 pounds to 3.4 pounds for adults and children .


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